Patch 2.1 introduces SUSI announcer and the Randomnauts!

With this latest patch we’re seeing a list of bugfixes and balance updates (read the full patch notes here) as well as a new Custom Game Mode preset: Randomnauts! Randomnauts throws you right into the action, no loadouts, no hero picking, just go! The first thing you’ll notice when you enter a match of Randomnauts, […]

The Droppod is coming!

This Wednesday the 8th of January a new weekly Awesomenauts podcast kicks off: THE DROPPOD! Grab your party hats and battle axes for this will be the most entertaining Awesomenauts thing since… ehhh… Awesomenauts! There will be guitars, laughter, strategy-talk, skin giveaways, developer interviews, and general ridiculousness! This podcast will be brought to you by […]

Starstorm Early Access Available now!

It’s 12-12 and the first cosmic thunder of the Starstorm’s Galactic Fury is upon us! Early access for the Awesomenauts: Starstorm expansion is now available! We have an awesome new trailer to celebrate, so check it out! We just launched Update 2.0, so that means Ted McPain has officially joined the Awesomenauts. Ted McPain is […]

Patch 1.25! Charity MELS & Announcers!

Introducing Private Mels Lonestar!Mels is a cool kid that came by the Ronimo studio some months ago as part of a day that was organized for him by the Make-A-Wish Foundation. The Make-A-Wish Foundations is a non-profit organisation that grants wishes to children with life-threatening medical conditions. One of Mels’ wishes was to experience and take part […]

Patch 1.24: Starstorm First Custom Taste & Pirate Derpl!

This Halloween Update [full patch notes here] has some really special things in store for you guys! We’re hard at work creating all the features we unlocked during the Starstorm Kickstarter, and now it’s time to get your first taste in-game! Presenting: Custom Games! *crowd cheers wildly* Custom Games will be available for everyone to try out for a […]

Aftermath: Digital G, Cyber Coco, PayPal and the First Rewards!

We needed the weekend to wind down from the overwhelming success that was the Awesomenauts Starstorm Kickstarter campaign! We partied with you guys during the closing hours of the campaign last wednesday, and thanks to the wonderful internets, it’s saved for posterity for evers! During this streaming event we also revealed the mystery skin that ALL the backers will receive: Froggy’s […]

Kickstarter Final Stretch! Infinite Spectator Mode and Beyond!

You guys unlocked the INFINITE SPECTATOR MODE overnight! Holy jebus! Could we dare dream of the New Character & Music goal? Join us to find out! To celebrate the ending of this amazing Kickstarter campaign, we’re going to start Live Streaming on TwitchTV’s Ronimo Channel this evening! We’re starting at 19:30 CET (check out what that means for your timezone over here). We’ll […]

Kickstarter: Replays Bonus Goal Complete!

We thought the gap between $290.000 and the $380.000 Stretch Goals might be a bit too big for the little time the Kickstarter had left. After a lot of calculating and shifting, we separated Replays from Infinite Spectator mode, allowing us to insert it as a $330.000 Bonus Stretch goal. However, you guys continue to blow us […]

Kickstarter: Second and Bonus Stretch Goals Reached!

WE REACHED THE CUSTOM GAMES GOAL YOU BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE YOU!! Prepare your imagination for the insane possibilities coming your way as soon as possible! But let’s not sit down and rest just yet, we also added a new BONUS Stretch Goal at $290.000 which will add a Fourth character in the Startstorm pack! Speaking of Bonus goals, the last one […]

Kickstarter: First Stretch Goal Reached!

Combining the power of the Kickstarter and our Paypal page, you guys enabled us to reach the first Stretch Goal! This means we’ll get cracking on a brand new map based on the Starstorm Station which will be scored by the digital minstrils known as Sonic Picnic! The Blue Droppod signifies the combined amount from Kickstarter and Paypal. […]