Awesomenauts is out on Mac!

This means that the version available on Steam right now can be played on PC and Mac! If you already own Awesomenauts on PC, you now also automatically own the Mac version. This also means that people you will encounter online could be Mac or PC players as they all share the same matchmaking! Our own store version will […]

Patch 1.10, balance tweaks and Necro Voltar!

Patch 1.9 brought you minor fixes last week, and with Patch 1.10 we’re adding another batch ‘o bugkillers and balance tweaks. As always, you can read the entire patch notes on the official forum! Now for a special treat! If you own a copy of our Award-winning debut title Swords & Soldiers HD on Steam, you will […]

Patch 1.8 is locked and loaded!

Patch 1.8 is out now! Introducing Raelynn to the Awesomenauts and adding some new banter for all your favorite ‘nauts as they spawn into the level! Check the full patch notes on the official Awesomenauts forum! With the release of Raelynn, we’re also adding her costume: The Ravishing Raelynn! Watch Raelynn’s trailer to see her in action!

Raelynn coming soon! Bringing Halloween!

Patch 1.7 brought a lot of behind the scenes tweaks and balance updates. Now that patch 1.8 is near, it’s time to reveal the new ‘naut that will be joining the team: Raelynn! We’re nearing the end of October and the creepiness that is Halloween is making its presence felt in the world of Awesomenauts! With […]

Patch 1.6: Skølldir joins the fray and Ranking Overhaul!

With patch 1.6 we’re seeing a new hero stepping into the galactic arena: Skølldir the Terrible Space Viking!With a Gut for Glory and Fists of Fury, his entire bulk is something to fear! Able to throw enemies around like ragdolls and making the ground itself shake with his buns of steel, you do not want to […]

Patch 1.5! Suit up!

Awesomenauts is putting the War back in Wardrobe! The characters of the multiplayer shooter Awesomenauts have always looked pretty fine, but as of today they can get totally fabulous! Because each of them now has access to a sweet alternative outfit. Arrest unruly Awesomenauts as Officer Lonestar! Float like an alien, sting like a bee […]

Awesomeness Countdown!

The gang is finally complete! Patch 1.5 is coming and it’s bringing a lot of goodies! Check the patch notes on the official forum:

Patch 1.4 is released!

Fire up your Steam engines, because it’s time for a new Awesomenauts patch. The patch tweaks a lot of the items in the game, so it’s time to start experimenting with new builds again! For the complete patchnotes, visit the Official Awesomenauts forum here: And if you haven’t seen it before, check out this video […]

Patch 1.3 out now! A new challenger has arrived!

Patch 1.3? Patch 1.3! Awesomenaut Gnaw is unleashed!The Awesomenauts have recruited the most disgusting alien dog/thing in the universe and he is coming to spit you in the face! Vomitting his way onto the battlefield this little menace will infest whole areas with slimy goo and flesh eating plants. So roll up the windows of […]

Patch 1.2 drops today, new Naut incoming!

After a very successful opening week the PC version of Awesomenauts is getting its first update. We’ve been blown away by the success of the PC version, and the fastly growing community can look forward to lots of updates in the future. Todays’ update contains various minor fixes and balance tweaks. Check out the patchnotes […]