Get the Slow Wolf Announcer when Update 3.3 goes live!

Awesomenauts 3.3: Rise of Galactron is launching later today, and alongside the new matchmaking system, the party interface, and many other changes, we’re also introducing a new announcer that you can grab for free by recruiting a friend, or bringing a former-Awesomenauts player back into the game!

We’ve made a page where you can find out everything you need to do to get this awesome piece of content for free. Head over here:

SlowWolf has been a prominent member of the Awesomenauts community for years and has been involved in many different Awesomenauts tournaments as a shoutcaster. He commentated the Alienware Awesome Cup tournament, was live on-stage during the BLE Masters, and has shoutcasted community tournaments including the recent ALWB.

If you’re a fan of Slow Wolf, don’t forget to follow his channel over at

Want to know what else will be included in Awesomenauts 3.3: Rise of Galactron? Check out the upcoming content page: