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 Post subject: [Fan Naut] Ronimonkey (not a meme) {a meme}
 Post Posted: Sun Jul 07, 2019 5:36 am 
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Lore: After God Emperor Niel slipped up and put the entirety of the source code for the new IP into the nauts carousel, the ronimonkey had to descend from the heavens and beat up some nerds for violating the sacred contract. Everyone is scared so they just let him do whatever, as being soup is the most ineffective form of being.

Speed: Pretty fast, however has low acceleration, akin to genji.
Movement: A single high jump, press again to slam the ground. This ability has a 1.5s cooldown.

Special Boots: Landing will snare for 0.1s and cause a small knockback pulse.

The ronimonkey slams his hands down, with a long horizontal hitbox. The third attack is an explosive burst. If the burst hits somebody who has violated NDA, increase damage and explosion size by 70% and remove the violation.
Damage: 110 > 110 > 140(238)
Explosion Size: The size of the ronimonkey itself, unbuffed.
Attack Speed: 1.2/s

Throw a stack of papers at an enemy naut, if it hits, they will be under an NDA. This effect lasts 3 seconds. If they do more than 300 damage while under this effect they will violate the NDA. NDA violations last 4 seconds, and will trigger Slam's burst. The papers do 100 damage on contact.
Cooldown: 6s

The Ronimonkey works into a frenzy, increasing attack speed and damage by 15%, also causes the Ronimonkey to become immune to all buffs/debuffs. Enrage lasts between 1-4s and can be toggled on and off. You take 100 damage per second while enraged.
Cooldown: 10s

Qitara main who goes 0/13 every game.
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