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 Post subject: [Fan Naut] Blade
 Post Posted: Sat Jul 28, 2018 1:37 pm 
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Edgy sword man is here, we needed one and now he exists in my realm of delusions, or something.

Health: 1350
Movement: Pretty fast
Jump: High jump, may be held down to stay at max height for a short time.
Items: Pills, Regen, Shoes, Solar Krab Burgers, Piggy Bank, Baby Kuri Mammoth

Blade slashes quickly, gaining speed as he does. Each hit increases his movement speed by 4% up to a maximum of 20%. Lasts 1s.
Damage: 75
Attacks per second: 2.2
No movement penalty
Blade lunges at a target, dealing damage. Each hit increases damage by 6%, up to a maximum of 18%.
Damage: 150
Attacks per Second: 1.1
Lifesteal: 55%

Edgy Black Rock: Increases damage of Dice by 27% and Slice by 32%
Voran-Hide Sheath: [1/2] Increases attack speed by 11%/22% And slice by 13%/26% I'm sure he's fine, don't worry about it
Double-Sword Edge When striking enemy nauts you heal 25 health. Two swords are better than one, but how does it work? Probably magnets.
Sharp Blades for Sharp Boys Magazine: Increase speed bonus per consecutive hit to 6%, maximum speed increase is now 30%
Retractable Hilt-Guard:While at maximum speed, Blade gains a 10% damage-reducing shield.
Broken Chainsaw: If you hit an enemy at max speed, lose all charges and deal an additional 120% damage. Leon is mad that you borrowed his without permission.

Blade lashes out at a target, binding himself with them. Deals 110 damage per second and copies their movement at a 0.2s delay. Holding down the skill key will extend its duration. Melee range skill, you lunge forward until you're right behind them. If they teleport via use of a skill the channel is broken. You do not have collision in Slight
Minimum Duration: 0.5s
Maximum Duration: 1.5s
Maximum time stored: 1.5s
Cooldown after use: 1.5s
Cooldown: 0.5s of time every 2.5s. Will not recharge while using Slight

Trick-Up-Their-Sleeve: Slights delay is 0.1s instead. Meme it till it's dead.
Fluffy Handcuffs: During Slight, you leave a slowing trail that slows enemies by 20% for 1.5s
Restraining Order: During Slight, you may only take 650 damage. Excess damage is negated. Leon is even more upset about this one.
Fishing Hook: [1/2] When connecting with slight, you deal 90/180 damage.
Silver Locust: Adds a damage over time effect to slight, dealing 90 damage over 2s to the hooked target.
Jar of Eyes: When exiting Slight, you gain the maximum speed bonus from Dice. Leon threatened legal action so we stole from gnaw instead.

Chosen Ending:
Blade meditates for a moment, and becomes immobile. Dice is turned into Slice. While in Chosen ending Blade gains a lifesteal effect and a slower, but more damaging attack.
Duration: 2s
Cooldown: 12s (Excluding duration)

Heritage Blade Kit: In Chosen ending, if something dies near Blade, you heal 130 health over 6 seconds.
Congealed Blood Sculpting Guide: At the end of Chosen ending, explode, damage is equal to 20% of the damage you dealt in Chosen ending in an area.
Darkest Pink Eyeliner: Fallspeed is reduced by 100% while in Chosen Ending So edgy you even made gravity cringe into oblivion. You better be proud.
White Trenchcoat: Increase damage per hit in Chosen ending by 15 per hit, up to 90.
Knee-high Crocs: Enemies you hit in Chosen ending will be slowed by 20% for 1.5s Jesus millennials are just awful.
Angry Librarian: Enemies hit while you're in chosen ending deal 15 less damage. Naut idea around this upgrade coming soon. Or maybe I'll base it around TLP

Qitara main who goes 0/13 every game.
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