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 Post subject: Booted from the matchmaker due to "connection issues"
 Post Posted: Sun Feb 04, 2018 2:33 pm 
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My computer as of late has been having technical issues that has been causing programs to freeze for a bit, but it's been mostly fixed and I can play most games without any major FPS problems.
That being said I've been kicked from Awesomenauts matches and the matchmaker quite often because of "connection issues" and "poor connection speed." This strikes me as odd since the problem really doesn't have to do with connection speed from what I can tell. I have good ping with most other video games and have had no connection issues with other video games (Atlas Reactor, Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm) or even other games that use local hosting. (Dead by Daylight)
I know it's probably something to do with my freezing but even then most games have stopped their freezing problems. Awesomenauts is the only game that has really been freezing up now and it sometimes freezes for minutes on end, to which I'm told that I was kicked from the match because of connection issues and have to rejoin.

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