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 Post subject: Clunky matches
 Post Posted: Wed Apr 11, 2018 12:20 pm 

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Sometimes character movement feels way too clunky. It's not about the lag or game freezing and I am confident in my dexterity to be able to consistently repeat learned actions. But why there are matches when you really feel nerfed and in the next game with the same character everything is back to normal again?
Rocco for example. He can jump high enough to skip a mid platform needed for low-jumpers like Rae. It's a fact, and I can do that whenever I need to. But one out of ten-fifteen matches he's just unable to do that even from the second try. Like there's an overall speed/momentum debuff for one team while the other remains at normal speed. This is not about the level, I've seen this in equal leveled matches. And this clunkiness keeps up until the end of the match. In the next game everything will be fine again guaranteed.
And there's more. Sometimes same characters at same level and build (boots/no boots) have drastically different speed. I'm not talking about good players who can move vertically twice faster than noobs, but simple linear movement on foot. How can it be so inconsistent when in one match I can successfully chase a naut I'm not intended to and vice versa - some stock Clunk runs away from me when I'm %any other naut really% wearing boots?

The game has a mechanics to affect overall gamespeed. Can it be bugged? Or can it be screwed up on purpose (like a super-fine-tuned hack)?

Call me a noob, tell me to "git gud", but I know what I saw! I'm not yet crazy enough to have hallucination time perception. :fist:

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