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 Post subject: what is the most efficient swiggins build?
 Post Posted: Fri Oct 07, 2016 3:19 am 
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recently i've been trying to play swiggins again, just because i recall him being fun.

this is my build! i even threw in an order i'd typically go for. and i know i'll get flac for magnetic anchor but it's fun and always takes people by surprise.

can anyone help me figure out how to order this? i have not won a game with this build without getting carried. thanks for any tips!

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 Post subject: Re: what is the most efficient swiggins build?
 Post Posted: Fri Oct 07, 2016 9:49 am 
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Fixed it for you. If you share a build you have to delete everything from the URL except everything after the 'Naut name.

To the build:
Debuff Immunity on the Anchor Hook is situational (but good anyways), so I don't know if you should buy it always. IMO if you don't need it you should definately buy Kraken Statue for more stun. But generally spoken the slot you use for Debuff immunity is variable: If you think your enemies are to fast etc, get Range. If you want to be a damage dealer-ish character in your team, go for Cooldown, etc. .

DoT on Anchor isn't my favourite to be honest, and if you go for it then IMO you should buy Alien Sweetener for more life on the anchor too to get the maximum out of it. I never use duration but in combination with DoT it could be a good way to increase your damage. Standard for me is Spoon and Amplify and I almost never get to buy the last slot ^^'.

Auto attack is IMO the place where everyone can do whatever they want as long as they get Damage. Personally I go for Damage, Movement Speed and Shield, but recently I see many players playing with blind just because it is so unbelievably annoying now.

Utility is good. If you have to go for Kuri in some point of a game you have to decide if you want Kuri or Treasure Map to evade CC. If you need Kuri I would replace it with Regen (if ther is not DoT applying enemy like Coco or Gnaw, in every other case you replace it with Barrier Magazine).

To the build order: IDK if I would just not buy Anchor Hook just to buy both stages of regen early on but generally it is a good build order IMO.

About your not winning problem: In SoloQ I would go for the anchor Hook build first just because it is safe damage and your only longranged damage output. Then AA Damage, Then Pneumatic Spoon. After that you can do whatever you want.

In a premade team or in a good SoloQ team you have to look after what your team needs the most: If they need CC: Anchor Hook with Stun and the Octant. If they need a lockdown (looking at nukers here): Anchor Drop.

Just some thoughts I have about "How to Swiggins". I'm not a Swig main though.

Hope it helped.

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 Post subject: Re: what is the most efficient swiggins build?
 Post Posted: Fri Oct 07, 2016 1:16 pm 
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Most efficient build on swiggins doesn't exist, because you have to build swig according to the enemy comp in front.

I still can share mine, which is fairly good for tanking/1v1 :

► CDR + Kraken happen to be extremely good in 1v1 situation, where any form of recallable damage is a must-have.
► Stacking shield on swig allow you to mitigate burst when you see some incoming, basically, throw your anchor in the opposite way of the incoming burst and run away.
► Stacking MS is also good on swig since you can litterally gapclose anyone that isn't penny
► Longer chain + damage on chain is the best 1 v 1 tool.

Sometimes, If I got a decent heal source on my team (voltar/genji/yoolip), I tend to swap medican for Pills.

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 Post subject: Re: what is the most efficient swiggins build?
 Post Posted: Mon Oct 10, 2016 4:14 am 

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um get abilities at base, don't ever not get both abilities as swiggins. ever.

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 Post subject: Re: what is the most efficient swiggins build?
 Post Posted: Thu Oct 27, 2016 4:00 pm 
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"Attack on Titan" Swiggins

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I actually play Attack on Titan Swiggins a lot in pubs where my team doesn't know how dafuq to play Awesomenauts. "Blow up the world" works well against overly paranoid players.
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