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 Post subject: Re: How to Voltar 2018?
 Post Posted: Wed Aug 29, 2018 2:36 am 
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Xelrog wrote:
Any tips on how to currently build/play Voltar? I used to always like building drone lasers, but I acknowledge that, while fun, it is almost certainly not the ideal way to Voltar and has probably led to many losses. Unfortunately, I really have no idea what his current state is or what upgrades are rush-worthy. Any broad recommended builds are appreciated.

I've been told that the Healbot mine ("the potato") is disproportionately strong, but I worry about wasting Healbot for trapping and not having it when the team needs it.

I've only recently come back after some six months... Voltar is actually in a pretty nice place right now, in that most of his upgrades are viable as long as you build appropriately. It doesn't feel like much has changed for building him.

Regarding Drones: it depends on who your teammates and opponents are, and on the map.

If you're going to be close to the action most of the time you go DpS. This is the choice to take if your opponent is running a lot of aggressive melee-types and/or if you don't have someone to put between you and threats for some reason.
DPS is also better if you're paired with an Early-Game 'naut like Gnaw and are worried that you won't be able to finish before his potency wears out.

If you're going to be playing against nauts like Skolldir, Qi'tara or Ayla and you don't want to risk getting close to, go burst (get Warp Gate Overdrive first).
Burst is also better if you're paired with late-game 'nauts and really need to focus on pushing to keep from getting overrun.
EDIT: I find that shot speed is actually superior to Drone Count, unless you can hit all for drones on an enemy that is very likely going to be running away from you after the first or second drone, and those things are kinda slow at base....

It's even possible to do a Split Build (Burst Damage->Shot Speed->Shot Damage) if you're in a situation where you need both the DpS and higher-damage poke/finish, especially if your opponents move around too much to make landing 4 drone throws in a row viable.

Dark Matter Shots is a special case, in that you should only take it under special circumstances (For example, if you want to make the enemy Ayla that Piggy Bank'd have a very, very bad day.)

Healbot Mine is disproportionately strong, but it's also not really for trapping, in my experience.
The real use is to punish opponents who keep trying to crowd you out of healbot's AoE, or dive head-first into it to try to prevent activation. Nibbs in particular seems to be prone to Warping right on top of it.
It's a solid choice if you're using Healbot in mid-combat a lot (especially vs. melee 'nauts), or if you're opting for Dark Matter Shots and don't need the slot for Cortex Tank.
However, it gets less useful the better your opponent is, since they're basically just Yuri mines without the obnoxious cooldown or the ability to dive-bomb them.

I personally stick to Cortex Tank, but only because I've been playing Voltar forever and Cortex Tank used to be the only way his slow ass could keep Ayla from eating him like a giant angry red Macrophage.

Xelrog wrote:
Any general gameplay tips?

"Stay back all the time?" "Be aggressive?"
"Poke with drones as much as possible?" "Don't poke, save drones for finishing?"

Depends on your build.
Don't be afraid to chase opponents and lob a few drones at them as they escape, if it looks like you can make the kill.
This is, of course, with the caveat that you should only do this if you can be confident that another opponent won't gank you.

If you have Warp Gate Overdrive you should huck a drone every time you hit your limit.

When you've bought Cortex Tank be careful when to use it; the ideal time is when you can use it to stuff your opponent's attempts to kill somebody (it does a real number on Rae if she opts to forego Iron Rifle).

Always stay calm.
Since Voltar can't stick around brawls for long (especially early game and especially if your opponents want to come for you) you have to make sure to act when you can make the most difference.

If an assasin makes a gank attempt, don't be afraid to stand your ground - panicking and trying to run will frequently make you an easier target, but Voltar can dance surprisingly well if you make good use of his ability to cancel vertical momentum via his hover.

Map awareness is key; while I won't say 'never be alone', avoid being far from your teammates, especially if you don't know where your enemies are.

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 Post subject: Re: How to Voltar 2018?
 Post Posted: Wed Aug 29, 2018 9:35 am 
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Heal Mine seems to be the current meta for Voltar. Every single Voltar has it. And yeah, not used as a mine, but rather as an 1 vs 1 combat tool, which allows you to heal yourself in 1 vs 1 and kills the enemy if he tries to stop you from healing.
Ive died countless times to the mine recently... :drone:

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