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 Post subject: Re: Ksenia tweaks
 Post Posted: Tue May 22, 2018 7:24 pm 
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A:Lifesteal having two stages does sound kinda weird. i get the intention but its still a single stage 180 upgrade, doesn't seem like the kinda thing you would need split into two stages for flexibility.

B:I frames on base with an extended base kit roll with 2 multi target cc...Sam, are you trying to turn ksenia into froggo?

because if that's the case. I don't think a character's viability should be completely dictated by one single move they have. (I really don't want to bring melee fox to the table because he's a lot better than just his shine/this isn't melee...But just look at super smash bros melee and fox's shine) keep VG as an upgrade, I'll take the base roll increase instead.

C: 1 or 2 more seconds of invis for base kit ksenia sounds nice, i'll take that and a 5 solar price drop/duration nerf for invis increase. I say this because invis increase is one of the few upgrades in the game that I would argue, purchasing only one stage for is justified.

I think ksenia is in the spot she is right now because certain tools that her abilities need are missing. I like the idea suggested of sissors having a single purchasable pierce with reduction of some sort, its not extremist and I'm sure we could agree on a candidate for the sissors row to get replaced. the price would probably be 180 because its the most generic price ever. and ksenia having 3 stages on an upgrade in 2018? it could work!

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finally a great patch to play in and putting an end to the bugs

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Just wanted to bump in here to say this is the greatest thing.

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I think you guys are just bad,

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kathy wrote:

this is a very serious question, please help :(

 Post subject: Re: Ksenia tweaks
 Post Posted: Tue May 22, 2018 8:30 pm 
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Ksenia's weakness is grouped enemies because her respectably huge damage and CC is all single-target, so the solution is to give her an upgrade that removes not one but both of those weaknesses and would be in no way entirely mandatory for the reasons you just admitted to. In fact, the upgrade would be so not-broken that it's going to need serious reductions in power for subsequent targets as a testament to how completely balanced it would be.


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