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 Post subject: Re: [IN-GAME] Clunk - Improved Clunk AI
 Post Posted: Mon Feb 08, 2016 5:14 pm 
Ronimo Team Member
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Joined: Thu Apr 23, 2009 5:45 pm
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I've downloaded this bot update. It will go live in the next beta (probably later this week but not sure yet).

 Post subject: Re: [IN-GAME] Clunk - Improved Clunk AI
 Post Posted: Mon Feb 08, 2016 5:52 pm 
Ronimo Team Member
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Joined: Thu Apr 23, 2009 5:45 pm
Posts: 8988
While updating I noticed that a bunch of your files are still the old versions from before patch 2.13. We quickly noticed which those were and reverted the changes in them, since they turned out to not contain any actual new work from you. Next time you work on your bots please first grab the latest versions from the game itself.

 Post subject: Re: [IN-GAME] Clunk - Improved Clunk AI
 Post Posted: Sun Apr 30, 2017 6:44 pm 
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Updated as of 30/04/2017

-Will now go to defend turrets if they are under attack in most situations (prioritises back turrets)
-Much better at defending their own base (except on starstorm map. Ronimo didn't include the named areas that allow the bot to detect if its base is being attacked on that map)
-If the enemy base is exposed, bots will now try to attack it in groups of three. If the bot isn't in a group, they will push the other lane
-If a lane has no friendly turrets, bots will now prioritise defending that lane
-When defending a turret, will now stand behind it instead of in front of it
-Bots in state 11 (that is, those in a disadvantaged situation) will now call for help to other bots
-Will now respond to help commands from players (unfortunately, this isn't perfect as the AI editor doesn't let you get much information about the player in question)
-Will now try to start in the same lanes
-Increased range at which they can detect enemies
-Improved chasing ability
-Fixed oversight that caused the bot to switch lanes more frequently than intended
-When deciding if the bot should retreat from a turret, the bot will now take into consideration if there are droids behind it
-Improved turret retreat logic in general
-Now prioritises players over droids in the late game
-No longer gets Wraith Stone for free
-Now stays in the heal area for a while on their first time there.
-Now occasionally goes back to base to buy items if the bot has more than 400 solar
-Changed retreat logic a little
-Increased aggro range for attacking neutrals
-Likes getting neutrals over other objectives if low on health more
-Won't retreat back to base if a neutral is targeted (unless unsafe)
-Won't teleport back to base if a health pack is near
-Won't teleport back to base if the bot just got a health pack (unless they are still low on health somehow)
-Won't try to teleport if the bot has a DOT effect
-If the bot is in or was in a named area called "CORNER_STUCK" in the past 1.5 seconds, jumping will be disabled (well, mostly. It really only disables jumps caused from waypoint navigation)
-Fixed issue that caused bots to jump when they wanted to go down
-Fixed bug where bots would get stuck trying to push the top back lanes on Startom Station and AI Station
-Fixed bug where bots would get confused about whether to push turrets or go to frontline
-Will no longer try to kill Solar Boss (at least, they shouldn't)
-Added the requirement that the bool "NoBash" returns false for some checks (should only affect skolldir bots)
-Will no longer return to base to buy items if the bool "HasBoughtAllItems" is true
-Fixed bug where bots in state 11 wouldn't jump down platforms, causing them to get stuck in some places
-If the next waypoint is directly above, the bot will stop moving so they can jump to it (they would keep moving forward before, causing them to have trouble platforming)
-Removed solar gain on respawn
-Removed "fix" that caused bots to get stuck above their base
-Removed some superfluous logic
-Updated all file names

-No longer buys an extra stage of Screamer Engine
-Will now buy Multi Hose instead of Screamer Engine on lower difficulty settings

 Post subject: Re: [IN-GAME] Clunk - Improved Clunk AI
 Post Posted: Sat Jun 24, 2017 10:42 am 
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I've noticed this in the beta now that he's been updated there, but Clunkbot has a habit of flying when using his explode, which causes him to miss a lot of kills (ie when an Aylabot was on a platform below Clunkbot he activated explode and flew above her).
Other than that though the new Clunkbot seems to be much more... Fair? I've only faced him in not matches though so I'm not sure how he'll translate into an actual player game.

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