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 Post subject: [Tool] Share your map editor's clipboard!
 Post Posted: Sat Feb 18, 2017 5:09 pm 
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Hello, I made a small tool in java that allows you to upload easily your map editor's clipboard and share it to your friends with a code!
It's really basic right now but if you want new feature just ask and I may find a bit of time to it.
Also it is possible to set a description to your clipboard when you upload it and he will be listed in this page.

Download link
List of uploaded clipboard


How does it works?
Map editor's clipboard is saved in a file called copypaste.xml so the program read it / overwrite it to change your clipboard.

How is that useful?
If you need to show something to someone you can copy everything you want and just send him a code. You can even copy a whole level and upload it!

How do I use it?
Download the file and run it, copy what you want to share in your clipboard (works only with the clipboard of the map editor) and press "Upload your clipboard" then just share the code with everyone.

Is the clipboard automatically deleted after a certain time?
Right now, no there's no way to delete a clipboard after you uploaded it. You can always ask me if you really want to delete something you uploaded.

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More tools here!

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 Post subject: Re: [Tool] Share your map editor's clipboard!
 Post Posted: Sat Feb 18, 2017 5:19 pm 
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