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 Post subject: Create your "Dream Team"!
 Post Posted: Tue Sep 27, 2011 9:38 pm 
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So here's the premise:

You get to make your ULTIMATE team based on spells/units from each faction. You get one of each "type" of soldier.

-One "melee" unit: Berserker/Jaguar Warrior/Footsoldier

-One "Ranged" unit: Axe Thrower/Dartblower/Rocketeer

-One "Special" unit: Frost Hammer/Necromancer/Ninja Monkey

-One "Strong" unit: Catapult/Sun Giant/Zen Master

-One tower: Tower/Statue/Buddha

THEN, choose 4 "regular" spells and one "Ultimate" spell, combining whatever you choose from each faction

However, you only get ONE "mana regen" aspect, so if you choose Buddha as your statue, you can't choose Runes of Mana or Sacrifice as one of your spells, and vica versa.

Here is mine! 8-)

-Berserker: This is a no-brainer. Best melee unit by far

-Rocketeer: Another no-brainer. These guys pwn teh noobz ;)

-Ninja Monkey: The stun aspect REALLY helps out

-Sun Giant: Another obvious choice. Most health out of any other unit, and powerful to match

-Statue: Seeing as they attack on their own, this one is by far the best


-Heal: Only way to heal units, which is especially useful for Sun Giants

-Invincibility: Combine this with Heal and your Sun Giants are UNSTOPPABLE!

-Poison Cloud: Slow enemies down AND deal damage? WIN!

-Arrow Rain: Combined with Poison Cloud, you can take out an entire army in one fell swoop!

-Dragon: Easily the best "Ultimate" spell in the game.

Finally, my "Mana" aspect is the Runes. Best way to upgrade, seeing as they are permanent.


 Post subject: Re: Create your "Dream Team"!
 Post Posted: Sun Oct 21, 2012 3:14 pm 
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Melee: Berserker, I think everyone agrees with that.
Ranged: Rocketeer, I think everyone agrees with that too.
Special: Necromancer, EXTREMELY powerful in a group, and the skeletons act as extremely good meatshields.
Strong Unit: Sun Giant, pairs well with Necromancer.
Tower: Statue.


Mind control.
Poison bomb.
Thors hammer, most of the time when you're getting destroyed, the units are grouped up. The boulder always ends up killing my workers,
and the Dragon can't instakill some strong units.

Mana aspect: Sacrifice. Summon Sun giant, sacrifice, instant 200 mana.

 Post subject: Re: Create your "Dream Team"!
 Post Posted: Thu Dec 06, 2012 3:10 pm 
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Melee: Berserker
Ranged: Rocketeer
Special: Necromancer
Strong Unit: Sun Giant
Tower: Statue. (I love the way these things rise up as your army dominates, as if you're claiming the land for your own)

(Big fan of the Aztecs. Strongest special units but weak basic units)


Ying Yang (Since we're creating a "dream team" I already have all the best units in the game, why not just make more of them.)
Poison bomb (basically a cheaper Ice Storm)

Mana aspect: Runes (Most reliable IMO, since a clutch spell can save your life and you'll have no access to mana if you're losing hard and have no towers/units)

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