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 Post subject: Re: Anger Management Thread - Post your frustrating moments
 Post Posted: Sun Jan 26, 2020 6:45 am 
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Oh my * god dude. People like this are the reason they removed the * blocking feature.
Gnaw kill steals EVERY. SINGLE. *. KILL and buys NOTHING. LITERALLY. *. NOTHING. Why? Because "ha ha the enemy team has a bot so I'm making it fair lol I'm so quirky and random! :D "

Gnaw is going 12/7/2. Vinnie is going 3/3/9 and I'm (Ix) going 0/5/12. EVERY * KILL Vinnie and I single-handedly bring the enemy down to 5% HP just for Gnaw to swoop in and kill steal with a facespit.

And the best part is when Vinnie and I call Gnaw out for kill stealing what does he do? HE STARTS FLAMING IS IN ALL CHAT! He keeps talking about how he's "carrying the team" and how we're "so * you can't get a single kill meanwhile I have all the kills and no upgrades :lol: "
Of course the enemy sides with this * waste of cells because "lol he's throwing the game for us so you're super cool Gnaw keep feeding please! :yoolip: "

Enemy team not only had a bot but they flat out didn't have a player for the first 5 minutes. (Because the person who didn't load in kept trying to rejoin just to lose connection before dropping out.) We played a 3v2 for the first 5 minutes of the match.
And we nearly lost. We nearly * lost because we were getting NO Solar for our kills and had NO help from our harasser who took ALL the Solar and bought NOTHING!
Game finally * ended in a base race between the entire enemy team and Vinnie while I defended single-handedly and Gnaw sat in base flaming us.

People like this are the entire reason why the ability to block people on Steam to stop them from playing with you was removed from this game. Because if you could still block people these types of players would never EVER get a match no matter how long they waited in queue because everyone on the planet would block them. And then they'd give the game a negative review (likely multiple because these sad excuses for living creatures have nothing better to do than ruin this dead ass game for everyone involved) and the game would have a mixed recent reviews on Steam. Like it doesn't * already have that from all the inbred morons who review bomb this game just to have a giggle.

I was Chogi.
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