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 Post subject: Beta Brawl needs YOU!
 Post Posted: Fri Jun 03, 2016 9:36 am 
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This is a call out to all teams that wish to take part in future Beta Brawls! With this being an invitational event if you want the opportunity to take part I need to know if your team is interested or not; the more teams I see that are interested, the larger these events can grow, and the more beneficial they can be for Ronimo developing the game we love. Swords and Soldiers, right?

How to Declare Interest
Please grab your team capitan (or just whoever wants to be the primary contact) and fill out >>THIS FORM<<
Filling in the form does NOT guarantee you will be invited to the next Beta Brawl (there are only 4 places), it only shows your interest in being involved so that you may be invited.

Again, if there is more interest from teams, this event may grow bigger to allow for more teams to participate, so don't hesitate! I will bump this thread every so often, at least every time a new Beta Brawl is announced so don't think that you're too late to tell me you'd like in on a future event.

You will need Discord to be a part of future Beta Brawls, at least one of your team members will need to have access to the tournament server in order to sign in and pay attention for announcements. I find this is the easiest way of keeping everything in one place.

What is the Beta Brawl?

  • Beta Brawl is first and foremost to encourage concise feedback to Ronimo about the state of balance in the current beta version of their game, not about who wins or loses.
  • The feedback consists of a spreadsheet that Ronimo have provided and have DIRECT access to, meaning all your thoughts from actual match experience will reach them.
  • We are not about making the “perfect” game though, I’m sure you all kept playing Awesomenauts because it is fun (for the most part) and we want to keep it that way. So feedback on “game feel” is just as important as the balance.
  • This doesn’t mean there won’t be prizes for the winning team, last time they each got a skin of their choice. With each successive Beta Brawl I hope to add a little bit more to the prize pool as an incentive for actually playing your best.

If you do not think the above reasons are worth your time then please don’t play, this tournament is not for you.

Some of the matches will also be showcased in a live show, if you want to know what they have been like please check them out:
Beta Brawl 1: Starstorm
Beta Brawl 2: Ix

I look forward to the future events, and a big thank you to all the support I have received for the previous 2 Beta Brawls already, you have all been awesome.

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