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 Post subject: [Custom Map] The Core
 Post Posted: Sat Sep 09, 2017 9:18 pm 

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This Map is available from the Steam Workshop:
With additional information and complete change log.
Go to Submission Page
(Alternatively you can search my name from Steam's community people search and check the map from there.)

Located in Calias, a singular unassuming power facility nicknamed "The Core" is one of Zork Industries' first industrial facilities, featuring old rusty tech planted straight into a cave in the unmanned wastelands. The facility was shutdown shortly after it's inauguration for causing numerous devices in it's proximity to fry and for yielding absolutely nothing of value, it was supposed to generate humongous amounts of power through moon crystals gathered from Luxor, however the facility barely powered itself.
The facility was recently reactivated though by an unknown source and is causing pandemonium in nearby cities in the form of flickering screens and bad signals. Fully operational, but in bad shape, the Core is again active and now harbouring robotics and additional drills. The Awesomenatus have began fighting to regain control of the facility, which side will you join?

The Core is a highly vertical map with lanes in close proximity to each other. The droids in this map need to travel through the enemy droid spawning line in order to reach higher lanes, but this comes with the added danger of the quarantine which holds your droids hostage until you release them yourself.
The map is heavily defence and ambush focused with dangerous lanes that are hard to escape from if you are on the enemy side, this coupled with the fact that you need to balance defending, attacking and helping your droids reach the next turret makes for a very busy match. Additionally the level becomes quite significantly different with the removal of the barrier between back turrets, allowing more flanking, escape and attack oppertunities and ultimately changing the dynamic of the map quite a bit.

This is a map where attackers need to bring their A-game, careless assaults lead to quick shutdowns.

Map "Features":
- 2 "Front" Turrets and a single "Back" turret.
- Back turret is not defended by droids, instead when enemy droids attempt to teleport in to the area an alarm will sound which alarms the affecting team to defend and the enemy to attack. Enemies must reach the turret in aprox. 30 seconds after the alarm begins ringing or all their droids will be destroyed in quarantine and will never actually reach the turret.
- The bottom front turret is weaker, deteriorated by the cave moisture, push through this if you are falling behind on turret progress.
- The top front turrets power the main core, if both teams' turrets fall an alarm will trigger signaling that the seperator wall between the teams' back turrets will shortly shut down.

Additional Screenshots and information available in the Steam Submission page.

 Post subject: Re: [Custom Map] The Core
 Post Posted: Mon Sep 11, 2017 3:40 am 
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If you want to get more publicity, it helps to create a new mod as supposed to making your work in progress public. Right now it looks like a mod that has been out for almost a month but only 2 people have looked at it, so the workshop won't prioritize it. ;) Looks good!

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