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 Post subject: Re: C-Blackwell's Drawing Book. (Update as of 16 Mar 2019)
 Post Posted: Thu Mar 21, 2019 2:14 am 
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conorbebe wrote:
Your Chucho is so wholesome <3
Well actually, all your drawings are wholesome!

I dare say you have a better understanding of humanoid anatomy than Ronimo! Although if I were to make a suggestion, try slimming down the faces a tad.

Greetings, Conorbebe,

Thank you very much for your compliments and comment! :D

It is an honour to meet the winner of Design A Naut 2 concept and mechanics winner. Also, I like your signature very much, the line "We're heading into the forums today, see? And it 'aint gonna be pretty...", did you thought of the alterations yourself? It always makes me laugh when I read it and I also always read it with Vinnie's voice inside my head.

Wholesome, now that is the first time I receive compliment related to this adjective, thank you!

About my drawing style, why yes, I happened to enjoy drawing characters in cartoon-humanoid style, and it is a characteristic or bad habit of mine to draw characters with heads that are somewhat too big, thanks for pointing that out, and I shall see what I can do about it. :thumb:

I truly appreciate and am also flattered by your compliment on my good understanding of humanoid anatomy. However, I am also just a plain ballpoint pen hobbyist artist, I am very sure that there are a lot of things that professionally trained artists know and understand way more and way better than me. *Looks at Ronimo staffs in awe.*

Regardless, thank you very much for stopping by and also for the compliments. :)


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